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About Me

Discovering Beauty in Everyone

I love photography because every session, couple, family, and person I encounter is so different. My goal is to get to know you better as humans and to make every session as fun + easy as possible. I love being able to honor God with the skills, abilities, and gifts He's given me to not only make a living, but to empower + encourage others, as well as help other businesses and non-profits grow and thrive. 


I have 13+ years of experience as a wedding photographer and have my bachelors degree in Photography, too! I know experience matters, but I believe that relationship matters even more. I want you to find the perfect fit for your vision and personalities, so if I'm not "the one", no hard feelings!

I personally thrive on discovering beauty in every person and relationship I get the pleasure to photograph. I don't necessarily care to be trendy though I do have a bold + moody style.

Bottom line, I want to capture YOU as you are right now! If you think I could be a good fit for you, let's connect!



I book a very limited number of weddings per year, and am looking for those couples I can partner with to bring their relationship to light. I want to grab coffee (or wine, or beer) with you. I want to be a friend, your advocate, helper, and your biggest cheerleader as you plan for one of the most monumental events of your lives together!

Sweet side moments, giddy first looks, all of the dancing, tearful daddy-daughter moments, the tangible love between couples and within families - THIS is what gives me all the deep-feels and what my focus is on when I'm with you. 

Your wedding day will come and go so quickly, and photos are the only tangible thing left when everything is said and done.

Even if we don't end up working together, you will never regret investing in a great photographer. 

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Photos will always be the most meaningful art you own, so I want you to have the best experience possible. This is a time for you to enjoy yourself and your family while I capture you in a natural and authentic way. Because my style is relaxed and genuine, you can rest assured that your photos will capture your family as you really are.

High School Seniors

Being a senior is such an incredible and exciting time! I love working one-on-one with teens to capture their personality and show the world who they are and who they're becoming. Their future opportunities are endless and right at their doorstep!

Senior sessions are $475 and include up to 3 outfits and several locations based on proximity. 

Let's celebrate together!

Not Currently Booking Senior Sessions
Senior Photo KC


After finding out my fur baby Ruby was suffering from several unavoidable, major health issues cutting her life short, I had a meltdown. I've had Ruby for 8 beautiful years. She's been there for me through everything. It was incredibly hard to imagine a life without her, and yet, I had to face a real possibility of losing her sooner than I'd ever imagined. My next thought was a no-brainer as a photographer: get photos of us together!

I quickly reached out to some friends, acquired a beautiful floral collar from a local florist, and made the shoot happen within days. Within two weeks, I had lost Ruby. I never would have thought my time with her would have so abruptly ended. I truly cherish these photos even more now and am so glad I can remember my girl through them.


This is why I decided to do pet photography. We aren't ever promised tomorrow with our beloved pals. No matter if you got a new furry friend recently, you've enjoyed their company for years, or they're getting ready to pass on, the time is now to commemorate their life through quality photos with them!

...and more

Though not all of my services are listed here, I've had over twelve years of experience in photographer, as well as a degree in photography and if I can't help you, I definitely know someone who can! Feel free to reach out to me if you need services that aren't mentioned.


Let's Get in Touch!

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