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Hi there, friends!

Tips for your upcoming engagement shoot - get excited and "trust the process"!

Engaged Couple

What kind of vibe are you
trying to achieve?

Do you like the outdoors, contemporary architecture, or perhaps an urban setting?

Choose a location that has a special meaning to you, or that reflects your personalities in some way. You could even plan a mini-date in order to capture the two of you in an informal setting.  


For example, you could go out for ice cream, have a drink in your favorite bar, or even cook your favorite meal together.  Don’t be afraid to do something fun and crazy!  But, if you are having trouble deciding on a location I can most certainly help you brainstorm.




Yes!  A typical engagement is either one location or two locations close by each other.  If we’re using two locations typically one will be a more natural/outdoorsy setting and the other a more urban/architectural setting. I love variety in my shoots so I am always up for using multiple locations.


If you’re hoping for an engagement session with more of a cohesive theme I’d suggest considering using only one location.

Can we shoot at more than one location?

How long is an engagement session?

​A typical engagement session is 1-2 hours.

Definitely consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your engagement session.  It can be fun for you and more importantly, makes you feel great!

Should I have my hair and makeup done?

What do we wear?

An engagement session should depict your personality and your style, so you should wear something that is you and that you feel comfortable in. Most commonly, my couples bring two outfits each; one that is a put-together weekend casual look as well as a dressier look.  The most important thing is that you’re confident in your look and feel it’s a good representation of your personality. Wear clothes that are complimentary in style and color but avoid being too matchy. For example, you could both wear fall colors or both wear different shades of blue.  Bold bright colors always pop on camera and add dimension to your photos.  

Consider wearing or bringing along accessories such as scarves, necklaces, hats, vests, or headbands.  This will add some variety and personality to your photos. In addition to your standard accessories, you may wish to bring along complementary props like a unique piece of jewelry, crazy hats, a funky piece of furniture, a banner, etc. Try to choose items that help identify you as a couple. Don’t forget about your shoes! Wear shoes you love but if they’re not walking shoes bring along a pair of flip flops you can slip on as we generally walk quite a bit during engagement sessions.


Avoid selecting wardrobe items that feature strong patterns, busy prints, or logos. Apparel featuring those characteristics can sometimes draw attention away from your face, the most important area of your photos.


How can we make the most of our session?


​A big way to make the most of your session is to play up your relationship for the camera. At first you might feel a little nervous or awkward, which is typical! Don't worry if you feel nervous at first, but try to have fun and think of the session as a date. I will guide you in your poses if you are unsure of what to do! Many couples have told me they are awkward and I prove them wrong every time. Simply show up and be yourselves!

The idea is to capture the real relationship between the two of you, and the best way to do that is to act naturally with each other. If you're typically goofy with each other, then show that to the camera. If the two of you tend to be more intimate, then go ahead and snuggle up, hold hands, embrace, look into each other's eyes! If you are very romantic and tend to be on the sensual side, don't be afraid to show it!

The next best way to make the most of your engagement session? BRING YOUR DOG! 

KZ Engagement-12.jpg

​After the shoot is completed, the next question is... when can we see them?

I like to post a couple of my favorites on my social media pages (@Aubreyerinphoto) typically within a week of the shoot; the full gallery is sent within 2-3 weeks.

Final Thoughts + Info

You can expect an online gallery of approximately 40 - 60 images from the shoot, and when you download the images, a print release automatically downloads with them. You are welcome to print as many photos/products as you'd like through my online shop for the best quality prints!

Lastly, feel free to post all of your images to social media, but please remember to tag me when you do. The success of my business runs mostly on word of mouth from my amazing clients, past and present!

Berry Family 2020-113.jpg
IG FLYNN-2-2.jpg

When will we see our photos?

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