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Highschool Seniors

Think about it.

Everything is moving at a crazy pace. 

Life as you know it is about to change.

Maybe you're going to college...maybe you're jumping in the work force.

Why not capture exactly who you are, right now? 

Bring your style, your personality, your own flair, and let me capture it!

Pick out 3 of your favorite outfits (casual, dressy, and something special like a sports uniform, but most importantly - YOU),

and let's get OUT THERE and SHOW YOU OFF!



Senior sessions are $475 and include approximately 60 edited digital images,

last up to 2 hours, and include 3 outfits.


Highschool Senior
Highschool Senior Boy

Let's Get in Touch!

Kansas City, Kansas and Beyond  |  Tel: 816-510-8832

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