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Sloppy Dog Kisses

...and little face squishes!

After finding out my sweet fur baby Ruby was suffering from several unavoidable, major health issues cutting her life short, I had a meltdown. I've had Ruby for 8 beautiful years. She's been there for me through everything. It was incredibly hard to imagine a life without her, and yet, I had to face a real possibility of losing her sooner than I'd ever imagined. My next thought was a no-brainer as a photographer: get photos of us together!

I quickly reached out to some friends, acquired a beautiful floral collar from a local florist, and made the shoot happen within days. Within two weeks, I had lost Ruby. I never would have thought my time with her would have so abruptly ended. I truly cherish these photos even more now and am so glad I can remember my girl through them.


This is why I decided to do pet photography. We aren't ever promised tomorrow with our beloved pals. No matter if you got a new furry friend recently, you've enjoyed their company for years, or they're getting ready to pass on, the time is now to commemorate their life through quality photos with them!

My methods are candid and I'm here to document your friendship. Are your favorite times together at the park? Playing fetch? Lounging on the sofa? Snuggled up in bed? Whatever is it you love to do together, I'd love to capture it. I've partnered up with a florist to bring floral crowns/collars (either real or life-like artificial florals that you can hold onto as a keepsake) into the equation if you so desire, and can be added to your photo package for $35. 

Pricing starts at $250, but if you'd like additional information, please contact me. I'd love to be a part of your story!

Let's Get in Touch!

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